5 Tips for Traveling Europe on a Budget

MostarLet us be honest; traveling in Europe is probably not the cheapest option you might have, especially when compared to the Latin America or South East Asia. That does not mean you shouldn’t consider getting there! Several tactics can be applied to save hundreds of dollars when you travel to Europe. You can save right from the type of transport you choose to use, be it limos, public transport, flights, boats or tow trucks to navigate impassable terrains. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your tour while significantly reducing your expenditure. This article explains five seven tips which you can utilize to experience a less expensive and a budget-friendly time during your stay in Europe.

Consider heading to Eastern Europe

There is a general belief that Western Europe has a lot more to offer to visitors as compared to Eastern Europe. Even though this might be true, the fact that there is a wide gap in the budget might be a deterrent to some people. For example, traveling to France, Spain, Germany, and Italy could prove far more expensive than touring Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania. In the latter category, you can spend an average of $25 per day.

Save on Booze and Food

Always remember: do as the locals do. Find clubs that are filled with locals. They are more likely to be cheaper than those highly attended by foreigners. Ensure that you shop in the local markets. Besides, it is advisable only to visit restaurants where the residents eat. By doing this, you will be saving a lot of money.

Find the free walking tours

Walking toursFree walking tours are very common in Europe. In most cases, they last between two and four hours and lets you have a great view of the city. The only thing that you might be required to do is to fill an online form and accept the terms and conditions. Sandemans New Europe is one of the most popular European walking tour company. Many other companies are copying the idea and implementing it to gradually make the activity famous.

Avoid visiting touristy areas

One thing is for sure: touristy areas are expensive. There is a general mentality that foreigners are people with a lot of money. For this reason, local businesses tend to hike the prices of food and other items to milk as much money as they can. Avoid the markets, restaurants and any other service provider who exclusively deals with tourists. One way to know these areas is checking whether they have multilingual menus and other signboards noted: “We speak English.” Even though the owners might claim that the quality is that of the international standards, it is worth noting that the local businesses also observe particular standards. Typically, these are enough for you.

Travel during off seasons

If you care much about the budget, there is one mistake you could do: travel during the peak seasons, for instance, the Christmas holidays. During off seasons, flight and accommodations are cheaper, and you will not be forced to stay long in lines to get services. This way, you will be able to tour the area of your choice with far less budget than during the peak seasons.

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